Physical Testing



ASTM C800 - Water repellency (11.8)

ASTM C1016 - Water absorption

ASTM C1363 - Water absorption

ASTM D570 - Water absorption

ASTM D4541 - Pull-off strength of coatings using portable adhesion-testers

ASTM E96 - Water vapor transmission

ASTM E859 - Air erosion of sprayed fire-resistive materials applied to structural members

ASTM E937 - Corrosion of steel by sprayed fire-resistive materials applied to structural members

ASTM G8 - Test methods for cathodic disbonding of pipeline coatings

ASTM G12 - Nondestructive measurement of film thickness of pipeline coatings on steel

ASTM G14 - Impact resistance of pipeline coatings

ASTM G42 - Test methods for cathodic disbonding of pipeline coatings subjected to elevated temps

ASTM G62 - Holiday detection in pipeline coatings

MIL C-24643 Fluid immersion - JP5, Hydraulic fluids, etc.



ASTM D149 - Dielectric strength

ASTM D150 - Dielectric constant

ASTM D247 - Volume resistivity

ASTM D257 - Insulation resistivity, volume resistivity, and surface resistivity

ASTM D495 - Arc resistance

ASTM D876 - Dielectric strength

ASTM D2303 - Tracking resistance

ASTM D4872 - Dissipation factor, volume resistivity, & dielectric constant of wire & cable fillers

High Voltage ARC





ASTM D3171 - Fiber content of resin-matrix composites by matrix digestion

Atomic Absorption - Detects levels (in ppm) of elements in a sample

EDS - Elemental imaging analysis on the electron microscopy level

Electron Microscopy- Determination of heavy metals and organic complexes

IR Analysis - Infrared spectroscopy analysis of organic material

XRD - X-ray diffraction

XRF - X-ray fluorescence



ASTM B117 - Salt water exposure

ASTM C473 - Environmental exposure

ASTM D523 - Specular gloss

ASTM D570 - Water absorption

ASTM D573 - Accelerated aging of rubber in an air oven

ASTM D750 - Carbon arc weathering

ASTM D1037 - Linear variation w/ change in moisture content of wood-base fiber and particle materials

ASTM D1149 - Ozone resistance

ASTM D1693 - Environmental stress-cracking

ASTM D2047 - Static coeff. of friction of polished-floor surfaces as measured by James Machine

ASTM D2126 - Thermal and humidity aging (dimensional stability section)

ASTM D2842 - Water absorption of cellular plastics

ASTM D4103 - Std. practice for preparation of substrate surfaces for coefficient of friction testing

ASTM D4742 - O2 stability of gasoline engine oils by Thin Film Oxygen Uptake Testing (TFOUT)

ASTM E424, Method A - Solar energy transmittance and reflectance of sheet materials

ASTM E937 - Salt water exposure corrosion

ASTM F1344 - Specification for rubber floor tile

ASTM G21 - Fungus exposure

ASTM G22 - Bacterial exposure

ASTM G26 - Xenon-Arc light and water exposure for non-metals

ASTM G53 - QUV light and condensation exposure for non-metals

ASTM G152 - Carbon ARC

ASTM G153 - Carbon ARC


ASTM G155 - Xenon ARC

Custom conditions available  -70C to 200C, 20-98% RH

MIL-C-13486B - Salt water exposure



ASTM D2017 - Accelerated wood decay

ASTM D2020 - Mildew (fungal) resistance of paper and paperboard

ASTM D3273 - Resistance to mold

ASTM G21 - Resistance to fungus

ASTM G22 - Resistance to bacteria



ASTM E2072 - Specification for photoluminescence

ISO 15370 - Low-location lighting

ISO 17398 - Safety colors and safety signs



ASTM C109 - Compression strength of cement

ASTM C338 - Softening point of glass

ASTM C351 - Mean specific heat

ASTM D256 - Izod impact, Method A

ASTM D412 - Die C-tensile properties

ASTM D445 - Kinematic viscosity of liquids

ASTM D624 - Die C-tear strength

ASTM D638 - Tensile strength

ASTM D695 - Compressive properties

ASTM D696 - Coefficient of linear thermal expansion

ASTM D751 - Tongue tear, grab tensile, strip tensile, low temp bend, & adhesion for coated fabrics

ASTM D790 - Flexural properties

ASTM D952 - Bond strength

ASTM D1002 - Shear strength for metal to metal

ASTM D1055 - Specifications for flexible cellular materials - latex foam

ASTM D1239 - Melting index flow rate

ASTM D1388 - Bending length and flexure rigidity

ASTM D1474 - Indentation hardness of organic coatings

ASTM D1599 - Short-term hydraulic failure pressure of plastic pipes, tubes, and fittings

ASTM D1621 - Compressive strength of rigid cellular plastics

ASTM D1622 - Apparent density of rigid cellular plastics

ASTM D1822 - Tensile-impact energy

ASTM D2136 - Low temperature bend test for coated fabrics

ASTM D2240 - Shore hardness

ASTM D2303 - Tracking resistance

ASTM D2563 - Classifying visual defects in glass-reinforced plastic laminate parts

ASTM D2583 - Indentation hardness of rigid plastics by means of a Barcol Impresser

ASTM D3039 - Tensile properties of polymers

ASTM D3359 - Tape adhesion

ASTM D3410 - Compressive properties of polymers

ASTM D3418 - Transition temperature

ASTM D3574 - Test methods for flexible cellular materials

ASTM D4060 - Taber abrasion

ASTM D4226 - Impact resistance of rigid PVC building products (Methods A and B)

ASTM D4518 - Measuring static friction of coating surfaces

ASTM D4565 - Cold bend

ASTM D5942 - Charpy impact

ASTM E23 - Notched bar Charpy impact testing for metallic materials

ASTM E228 - Linear thermal expansion using a dilatometer

ASTM E303 - Slip resistance

ASTM E761 - Compressive strength of SFRM applied to structural members

ASTM E831 - Linear thermal expansion by thermomechanical analysis

ASTM E1131 - Mass loss over temperature range

ASTM E1782 - Vapor pressure by thermal analysis

ASTM G56 - Abrasion

DIN 51900, Method 2 - Gross calorific value and calculating net calorific value

ISO 1716 - Building materials - calorific potential

ISO 8256 - Tensile-impact strength

MIL-P-8053C - Shear strength of plywood and metal-to-plywood bonds



ASTM C177 - Thermal conductivity - guarded hot plate

ASTM C201 - High temperature thermal conductivity

ASTM C236 - Thermal conductivity - guarded hot box

ASTM C335 - Heat transfer properties of horizontal pipe insulation

ASTM C411 - Hot surface performance of high temperature thermal insulation

ASTM C518 - Heat transfer properties - heat flowmeter

ASTM E831 - Thermal expansion

ASTM E1225 - Thermal conductivity of solids; guarded-comparative-longitudinal heat flow technique



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